Puppy Love

I am a dog person. I’ve only had a couple of dogs in my life, but that is more circumstantial than intentional.

I love that dogs run in packs. There is something extraordinary about the way a pack of dogs works together toward a common goal — the trust they have. It is not a blind trust either. It has usually been established through conflict.

I love that puppies especially are so uninhibited. Yes, I wish at times they were all more concerned about certain behaviors that really don’t need to be public, I confess that. I guess I love that dogs are not at all afraid to express their affection.

I love that dogs know how to balance gentleness and strength. That they are such good companions and protectors at the same time.

Dogs make any old thing a toy. They’d don’t need the latest whatever. A sock. A stick. A ball.

And I love that dogs are already ready.

Ready to play,

to run,

to go.



I better check my calendar and see when Cootie comes again.


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