Food Crafting and Football

Christmas season provides multiple venues for outrageously cute desserts and other food crafts. Candy-cane shaped cookies. Great — love those. Reindeer made from pretzels and using M&M’s for a nose. Fine. The list is long of all the ways we turn food into craft and use it as part of our celebrating. I get it. I like it.

I’m also supportive of the food-crafting that is motivated by making meals more interesting for picky-eater kids or just more fun for kids in general. This spaghetti through hot dogs is crazy clever and weird. I’m a fan. Whoever said that kids shouldn’t play with their food must have hated kids who, well, play with their food.

But friends, I believe we’ve stepped over the crazy-people line of excess-ivity this time. I’m talking Super Bowl Sunday.

I laughed out loud last week when I discovered the display in Super Target for football Oreos. But this is marketing and I get that.  If making Oreos with blue filling sells them better at Easter then it stands to reason that making them in the shapes of footballs might sell them better in January. I don’t see the point, personally. Oreos are for dunking and eating. I do see that with this shape I might be able to keep my fingers out of the coffee when I dunk. Bonus. But, not my point.

I was on Pinterest over the weekend and found an image that had been pinned and repinned (Pinterest talk for “shared”) multiple times and then some. It suggests myriad themed crafty foods for Super Bowl Sunday. This is where I draw the line. You can feel free to draw it somewhere else — it is a free country and I fully support your right to go overboard.

But really?

These are offered as “Game Day” treats — and I suppose the really over-board among us will think they should be created every weekend.

As for me and my house, I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to football fare. Maybe it’s because the stuff I associate with football games is not the kind of food we eat around the house any more and so one Sunday a year — while watching the commercials between the plays — I like to go crazy and eat nachos.

But, maybe that’s just me.


I do think that this menu would be appropriate for a WOOOHOOOOOOOOO kind of celebration at the great news my young friend Jimmy (#10)received from his doctor this past week — the news that he is cleared to play football.

That may not seem like a big deal –but I promise you, it is huge. Jimmy was injured 4 months ago and along the way of healing was told that he might never play again. Not easy news for a 16-year old kid who loves the game. Who loves sports. So hearing that there is complete healing — no evidence of injury at all — THAT is reason to make all your food into shapes and celebrate.

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