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Thought provoking.

I’ve heard the complaint before. I’ve complained the complaint myself. Jeff used the power of words-used-well to illustrate the issue. Religion is not God’s gift to us. God gave us HIMSELF. But, as we do with everything God created, we have reformed Him into something we can control and use. Ugh!

As I watched this video this morning — thanks to Trisha who posted it on her Wall — I began to ask myself some questions that I probably should ask myself more regularly. We all must, I believe, do regular personal audits of our thinking and doing.

One overarching question: How would I approach/think about/address the top two or three challenges and opportunities facing me today if I were thinking rightly about WHO GOD IS and WHO I AM IN HIM?

One really specific question: Who are the people in my life who are most consistently reminding me of the truth about who Jesus is?  Have I thanked them lately for being image-bearers, light-shiners, truth-tellers?

What questions does this piece urge you to ask yourself?


Jeff Bethke graduated from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon in May of 2011. With a degree in political science, Jeff moved back to Tacoma, Washington to live and work where he grew up. Currently attending Mars Hill Church in Federal Way, Jeff has a heart to carry the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the inner city.

With the release of his Sexual Healing poem on Youtube, Jeff has been invited to speak at several churches both locally and across the country. He’s passionate about people understanding the magnitude of God’s grace and the freedom it provides from their past. Currently Jeff works for Jubilee Reach, a non-profit community center that exists to be a bridge between the city and the church.

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