Radical, Revolutionary, and Subversive.

Radical, Revolutionary, and Subversive.

I’ve not generally used those words to describe what I do as a missionary with Wycliffe serving in executive leadership in the US headquarters. My days can sometimes seem a bit mundane (meetings) and pro-establishment (meetings) and borderline oppressive (meetings).

Truth is, though, what I do (including at least most of the meetings) contributes to the movement which will not rest until all peoples have access to the Bible in their hear language. My commitment to that is far more about revolution and justice than it is about religion and bureaucracy. So, yeah, I guess I am “one of those people.”


Oh, and I suppose suggesting that my meeting are oppressive is an exaggeration.

2 thoughts on “Radical, Revolutionary, and Subversive.

  1. Chris W. says:

    Your meetings are definitely not oppressive. Especially the ones in your office. Where I get to play with rocks and squishy balls. And write on the windows. In fact, some of them I might even call borderline anti-establishment!

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