Psalm 33

I’ve been hovering in the 33rd this week. Reading it like I’ve never read it before, even though I know I have. The clarity of the fact that God is ON MISSION — that it’s a MISSION which will ABSOLUTELY BE ACCOMPLISHED — delights me. Encourages me.

Some of that hovering has been in copying the text (from the NIV this time) into a MAKING PAPER (iPad app) journal and doodle-illustrating it for myself. This is not intended to be art. The process of doing this is what carries meaning and value for me.

What they look like in the end may or may not be anything I’d ever want to look at again.  If they serve you in any way, then double bonus. Yeah God!!!

He is the One who turns fish sticks and a few crackers into a feast for a multitude. I love when He takes what I bring and transforms it into appropriate building materials for His Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 33

  1. Angela says:

    Hey Ruth, maybe you could be a guest artist on with one of your Scripture illustrations. She’s been posting something every day this year in order to raise awareness for Bible translation.

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