Telling my story

Starting this summer in Wycliffe’s weekly gathering of staff — a thing we call EnterMission — we’re asking senior leaders to share a bit of their story and then submit themselves to some Q&A from staff.  I introduced this concept on Wednesday by both emceeing the “test drive” and by being the leader in the “hot seat.”

I wore a hat when I was the emcee so other would know who was talking when. (I got the hat in Chiang Mai when I was there last month — in the night market.)

I gathered input in various forms and am making adjustment to the plan so the hour will most benefit those who participate in every respect. I love working with out staff, creating a new thing. I look forward to the ways that God will use these sessions to build a greater sense of community.

So, this is one of the images (also seen before I added the arrows) I used to tell part of my story. Where did you enter this timeline in our journey together?  Many of you reading this should be able to place yourself on this illustration…


I’ve shared some of the images from my sharing in the blogs proceeding this one. I’m loving this new iPad app that lets me doodle and such in a digital journal. It’s not for everyone, but it sure fits me and how I think. I’ve embedded the demo video by FiftyThree (the app is called Paper by FiftyThree).

Paper by FiftyThree from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

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