A few weeks ago I began to look for some hiking shoes/boots. I wanted something that would give great arch support and which I could use for walking on all sorts of different surfaces — but especially uneven outdoor ones.

I looked and looked — both in stores while I was looking for other shoes and online. I even looked when I was in Banff last week, figuring they’d have a much larger collection of such things there. I was right, but I still didn’t find anything I was willing to purchase. I found a number of pair that were adora-wonderful, but with a price tag over $200 they were each quickly returned to the shelf.

In Banff I had a chance to try a pair that I’d also seen online — and that opportunity moved those particular Merrell’s to the top of the list. I might have purchased in Canada, but the price was $20 more than online and the tax rate there is noticeable.

Just about the time I’d talked myself into hitting the BUY button, I decided to check eBay. I’ve purchased a few things from eBay over the years and have had a reasonable experience, so it figured it was worth the try. But honestly, I didn’t have much hope that I’d find anything I liked as well as what I was about to purchase.

Ready? You know what’s coming…exact pair (even in the color I’d preferred) in my exact size for … half the price I’d found online.  Add $10 for shipping and they end up being 60% of the online price. They are new, never worn and on their way to my house as soon as the seller processes my payment. I won the auction with one bid!

They should arrive in time to go to Germany with me at the end of the month. They have hiking in Germany, right?




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