What matters…and maybe that’s not the question.

The destination is sure.
Non-negotiable, even.

But the journey — it is in the journey that miracles happen.

It is along the road that unlikely partnerships are forged.
It is on the pathway that incompatible individuals are molded into uncompromising communities.

I think that the enemy sometimes tries to distract us from this — immobilizing us by the distance we have yet to travel. De-motivating us with the lie that the destination is all that matters.

In this, then, the journey is the destination while there is also always more as long as we are confined to these dying and decaying bodies, stuck in time and space as we are. For now.

I get caught up in trying to define what matters and then I remember it isn’t about the what anyhow. It is Who that matters.

Okay, rambling on a Tuesday. Incomplete thoughts. Maybe you can more you can add?

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