Not too late at all!

Melvina and baby Lucy 1929-30This is my mom as a wee baby in the arms of her mom who was yet a teen ager, married younger than the original license claimed and quite happy with it all.  If I’m doing my math correctly (and there is a reasonable chance I am not), I am currently the age my grandmother was when I was born. Give or take a year or two, and I’m sure of it. Not that it matters, exactly.

It sure puts things into perspective. Everything I know firsthand of my grandma — all that hard work and bold witness for Jesus and the obsession with the gardening — she did that stuff with what I have left in my life.

So, even though I barely blogged in 2012, it’s not too late to do it if I’ve a mind to in 2013.

I’ll start with baby steps and see how it goes.

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