Wycliffe@URBANA12 Team

Wycliffe@URBANA12 Team


= the number of individuals who made up the Wycliffe@URBANA12 Team and who spent December 25/26-January 1 in St. Louis serving the 16,000 or so Urbana participants.

The Urbana Student Missions Conference hosted by InterVarsity/USA, Inter-Varsity Canada and Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Collégiaux du Canada is a large-scale, empowering missions event held every three years, It is the most diverse gathering of students, recent graduates, missions practitioners and church leaders in North America.



This image contains a hyperlink to the video on Vimeo.

= the number of students who responded to the invitation to come home to the Father, turning to God through Jesus for salvation and reconciliation or returning to God as their Father.

The invitation was powerful. I listened to Ram Sridharan again Friday night on Vimeo and heard all manner of things I’d missed the first time. I’m pretty sure I’ll watch and listen again. It is that good.


= the number of Urbana participants who stood on commitment night, indicating they were saying YES to joining Jesus in His Global Mission LONG TERM. Many of the students we talked with at the Wycliffe were defining long-term as “career.”

One student used Instagram to share the conversation she had with her parents back home on decision night.

One student used Instagram to share the conversation she had with her parents back home via text on Urbana’s decision night.


= the number of emails I sent via MailChimp to those who provided their contact information to Wycliffe indicating interested in some form of engagement with us and who also had an U.S. address. I just now checked and 190 of those emails have been opened in the less than 48 hours since they were distributed.


There are other numbers that I pay attention to from time to time. Mostly they are only as valuable as they are helpful in giving an indication of the things that really matter. These numbers represent transformation. They reflect relationship and transformation.

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