What is it about the Dowanger Countess?!!

Stop Whining!



I’ve long loved Maggie Smith as an actor, but her role in Downton Abby has me signing up all over again for the fan club. Well, if I did the fan club thing for celebrities, that is.

I suppose it is, in part, the fact that she just says what she wants to say — what she thinks — with very little filter. There is something appealing about that. Even as I value a healthy filter, I also value a candid observation.

I also wonder how much of this is the (yes, this is a gross generalization) ongoing love affair that “Americans” have with anyone with a British accent because we just love the way things sound coming out of their mouths.

Fascinating, this measurable (though I’m sure limited in scope) and somewhat unwieldy crush we have on what is a rather tangled exaggeration of reality. We do love a good soap opera, even if we raise our noses at the week-day afternoon episodics.

Well, Season 3 Episode 3 has started.


2 thoughts on “What is it about the Dowanger Countess?!!

  1. Kate Eden King says:

    I think her role as the observer/ commentator within the cast/ family is a device the scriptwriters have used really well. As Dowager Countess she has no crucial role in the plot, her place in life and society is secure, she has nothing to do but to observe and comment on the escapades of her younger family members and nothing to lose by her cutting judgments. Love it! She’s fast becoming the star of the show. Finally out of Judi Dench’s shadow and in her element at the end of her career.

    Feeling the British accent love, thanks Ruth!

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Yes, I do believe you’ve got something there. The fact that her primary contribution is commentary does free us to enjoy that commentary somehow.

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