The United States of America

US Capital - Presidental InagurationI was born in the state of North Dakota and was thereby awarded citizenship in the United States of America by birth. I’ve lived here all of my life — though I have traveled outside these borders more than a few times. My longest stint outside my home country was in 1987 when I taught English in the People’s Republic of China, an absence which certainly made this heart grow fonder.

I have enjoyed the protection and privileges of  citizenship in this nation for all of my life. I have enjoyed it thoroughly, too often and easily taking it for grant. Like the love of a parent and the availability of oxygen.

No nation is perfect. I know of at least some of the shameful things this nation has done in its not-all-that-long history. But on this  57th U.S. Inauguration Day, I am also reminded of some of the great, lovely, good things about this nation.

So, as I watch the Inauguration of Barak H. Obama for his second term as my President, I find myself grateful for all the good and challenged to participate in the ongoing transformation of what is into what could be — one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

And really, could there be a better soundtrack for such an occasion than the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic?! (Once it’s available, I’ll embed or link that moment in history here. Until then, here is a link to a FoxNews story about the Choir’s preparation for this event.)


As promised:

One thought on “The United States of America

  1. Lois Thorpe says:

    Thanks, Ruth. I haven’t followed anything about the inauguration, but I appreciate your positive, appreciative look at where we are from. I am so grateful for all those things I often take for granted, the freedoms and privileges that have been granted me as a citizen of the USA.

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