press_image-56f748fd10ce60724c0bfd599797a3e1Based on the online Bible,, the Bible App is a free mobile Bible that can be installed on almost any phone. The Bible App allows users to read the Bible, share verses with their social networks, bookmark their favorite passages, and more—all in a format that keeps up with their increasingly mobile lifestyle.

I’ve been using and the Bible Apps on my various mobile devices for a number of years. When I first heard about this thing called “YOU” version I inwardly groaned that there was some new-fangled inwardly focused cliché something that was some christian-person’s get rich quick scheme.

I was so very wrong.

As a tool by which I access Scripture, it’s pretty cool and terribly convenient in this digital, connected age.  But the intent of YouVersion is not primarily access. It is engagement.

You don’t have to have the Bible App on a phone or other smart device to use this tool and benefit from the many features built-in to YouVersion. I use it as much from my computer as I do from any device.

Psalm 27 - YouVersion

I’m doing a Soul Detox reading plan now — that’s one way YouVersion encourages engagement with God’s Word. One of my favorite features of the reading plan is the “catch up” feature that you can use when you miss or skip a day that makes whatever day your on the reading for today with the click of a button. I’m not sure why it’s so powerful to not have the “you are such a loser, getting behind in your reading” voice silenced by a reset button, but it is. It does not give me license to not read — rather, it keeps me engaged longer. Grace is like that.

Most of you reading this are probably YouVersion users.

  • What are your favorite things about YouVersion and the Bible App?
  • What do you wish it did that it doesn’t?
  • What do you do with it that is a bit out of the box?

I’d love to learn from you…

One thought on “YouVersion

  1. Lisa says:

    Using the Blended plan now – it combines some Old and New Testament readings each day, but not in a chronological or traditional order… like putting Genesis and Romans together. Seeing many new things about the unity of Scripture through this plan.

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