It’s not just the accent


Dad and I are working our way through previously missed television series which are now available on Netflix. After a few years of cable with a dvr, I’ve lost my tolerance for commercials.

More than half of the series I’ve watched this past year were made in the U.K. including Doc Martin, Monarch of the Glen and Kingdom.

My current television character crush, in fact,  is on Kingdom and it is not just the accent.

Truly, I like that this character is kind, cares more about his family than his fame, and finds ways to move others forward. I like that he works people with disagreements toward reconciliation rather than encouraging law suits and retribution.

kingdom001If you’re a fan of Doc Martin, you’ll almost certainly like Kingdom (and visa versa) — there are quite a few similarities even though the title characters are quite different men. The ensemble casts and the quirky village people are more than context for both shows.

Stephen Fry (who plays the Peter Kingdom role) is best known for his role in Jeeves and Wooster — or so says the iMDB.  And, since I am the one who brought up the accent thing again, I’ll close with this statement made by Fry on this topic.

I sometimes wonder if you Americans aren’t often fooled by our accent into detecting a brilliance that may not really be there.  –Stephen Fry

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