Nerf Dentistry


There is so much right about this!  And while I could get all into the coolness of this kid, I want to celebrate the coolness of this dad!

I’m not talking about the kind of transient coolness that comes and goes with the wind. I’m talking about the kind of coolness that makes a man a great dad…or uncle…or friend.

This dad spends time with his kid — not just in the same space each doing his own thing, but together. You can tell. This boy is not behaving in order to get attention or earn affection.

This dad speaks truth. “Will this hurt?” “I don’t know. You’ll have to tell me.” Excellent!  How often have I hear parents straight up lie to their kids about whether something will hurt as if the ends (accomplishing what needs to be accomplished) will justify the lie.  Drives me crazy.  If you know it will hurt, say it will hurt but that you’ll be there with them to face the pain. If you don’t know, say you don’t know.


This dad let his kid potentially make a mistake. You saw the string was not in the right position just before the arrow was shot. Okay, maybe the dad didn’t see it — looking through the camera/phone — but maybe he did. If he did, I love that he didn’t correct or fix. This gave his son the chance to see the mistake for himself and grow in his own confidence that he can do stuff.

And besides all that, this dad knows that when we approach the mundane things of life with the right attitude, we make legends.


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