the BEST of both worlds keeps getting BETTER

George from Paperman

A long fan of Disney animation, I love seeing this development that combines the human-touch beauty of 2D hand drawn animation with the wow-wonder of 3D computer generated animation. Besides the visual beauty, the soundtrack is masterfully orchestrated to perfectly participate in the story telling. Neither the music nor the visual background are only background — they are participants in the whole of Paperman.

Here is a short background piece that shares the voice of Director John Kahrs and shows the layering of these two kinds or styles or methods of animation. You can read more about this Oscar-nominated short on the Paperman Facebook page or just do the Google and follow that trail through bloggers and news-releases.


Here is the short film itself: PAPERMAN


I didn’t see Wreck it Ralph in the theater, but I read that this film is the short that ran/runs before that feature. (Are you fortunate enough to remember the first time you was one of the Pixar shorts run before a feature? Yeah, I still love the feeling I get when the story-telling starts.)

And of course I’m asking myself what I can learn from this evolution of animation. For me (for now) this is affirmation that it’s time to blend the best of two worlds in how I engage with God’s story.


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