JohnTheBaptistThe voices that make us uncomfortable are sometimes the most comfort-ful voices of all.

Reading in Matthew’s Gospel this morning (ch3) I could imagine the awful discomfort the Jewish religious leaders felt at seeing John in such an opposite-of-them state.

Then there is his declaration that their exclusive and rare DNA + heritage could be mass-produced from rocks — a ridiculously plentiful resource in the wilderness where they stood gawking at the locust-eating prophet.

It would be easy to hear John’s statement as a proclamation that these religious ones were not worth any more than stones. I wonder if what John really intended was to let them know that the value of a thing is not its exclusivity but the import of the One who is both Creator and Caller into relationship.

I know enough about economics to understand the concept of supply and demand. God’s got a different economy — one that does not depend on rareness.

It makes me uncomfortable to not be “special” and to know that my importance to God has nothing to do with me.  It makes me so out of control.

It also makes me uncomfortable to know that all the best that is my heritage and history is not impressive to Him. He can make more impressively pedigreed ones from rocks. And, when I quit fighting against this reality, I find an amazing sense of peace. God’s love for me and my value to Him rely on Him, not me.

And, even at my worst, God can take my stone heart and mold me into a Child of Abraham. His. Forever.

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