A Day at the Beach


I can’t remember where I got these images. Probably Facebook or Pinterest — or some other online source. I ran across them when I was sorting through a file of  images on my computer that I saved for some reason or another.

Doesn’t this young elephant make you want to go to the beach yourself? Well, it also makes me want an elephant for a pet, but that’s the way it is with me and critters when they are being spectacular like this. I don’t exactly want to own them so much as exist at peace along side them.

Do you have any animals (we’ll use that term in the broadest sense and include mammals and reptiles, foul and fish, and whatever you’d like, really) you’d especially like to have around?



4 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. athenamiles says:

    LOVE that happy grin and then the face plant photo. I’d love to have a baby giraffe. But they get bigger…and not as cute, but I think an adult giraffe would still be fun to have around.

  2. Tammy says:

    That face plant is great… How do those pictures stir up the endorphins in us? How does a baby elephant playing in the water make us happy?

    Dave posts kitten, puppy, white tiger, pony pictures on our daughters’/niece’s FB pages & I find myself having a similar kind of experience. Giggle. Smile. I find great joy in pictures like these… so simple yet they compel me to smile. And, click, go the endorphins! (It is the endorphins, right? The happiness stuff? 🙂

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      I do wonder how this happens, but it does. And it’s crazy that the spectacular things they are doing that illicit these responses in us are often (usually?) nothing more than regular stuff they do.

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