Mr. Rogers

This is long and the guy talks really, really fast. It is jam-packed full of tidbits and such about Fred Rogers.

As I watched this yesterday I was especially struck by a statement made at the 5:31 mark: “…Mr. Rogers seems to have been almost exactly the same person off-screen as he was on-screen.”

Mr RogersI grew up loving Mr. Rogers. As as only child I often relied on my own imagination in play and he both encouraged that and modeled it. I sometimes imagined I had a show like his, except without the puppets.

The parts of his show I loved were the parts where he did stuff and met people who do whatever they do. I loved that sand table. I just plain liked him, I guess.

And so, hearing that the people who met him and knew him saw this kind of consistency in him is a reminder to me of the thing beyond he show that I still want to be: a person a deep integrity.

And then there is this statement at the 4:05 mark: “He genuinely loved hearing the life stories of other people.”

What was true for me 40-something years ago is still true today: I want to be more like Mr. Rogers.



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