A free sample from A HOLY EXPERIENCE

Ann Voskamp. Yes, author of one thousand gifts. She blogs. If you’ve read the book, there is a pretty good chance you’ve also found the blog. I did. Found it and then “lost” it in the untidiness of my life. I’m grateful that a few friends on Facebook posted links to this yesterday.

Yesterday’s blog titled “When you’re struggling through Holy Week” may be one of the clearest Holy Week anythings I’ve read or heard or seen in a long, long time. Below is one of many photos and a couple of many sentences. I’m hoping it’s not enough to satisfy your soul — but is enough to whet your appetite so you’ll go read the whole thing for yourself.

A Holy Experience

And our God is not a God to merely believe, but to experience, not to only believe in, but be held by. A God who not only breaks for you but breaks with you, a God to not only have creeds about, but to have communion with, a God who not only who dies for you, but who cries with you, the God who touches you and binds you and blesses you and heals you and re-members you because He let Himself be dismembered and He is the God we not only believe in— but we know. We know – know beyond a shadow of doubt, death or despair.

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