unexpected Easter


It was an Easter filled with the unexpected.

I did not expect to run out of gas on the way to the early service at Northland. I never saw the light come on. I never hear the warning bell. We were in the parking lot and I was backing into a parking space when the car sputtered dead.  A few kind folk help push the Jeep the rest of the way into the parking spot (it was up hill slightly) and we headed in for a great Easter service.

I did not expect to run into Sarah (while I was looking for someone who could rescue us from our gas-less-ness) and be asked to serve Northland’s summer interns by teaching/facilitating one intensive on global mission. I’m thrilled about this opportunity on a number of levels.

I did not expect to get to spend the afternoon on the patio — moving & cleaning everything. I was a wet dirty mess before it was over and the hose was returned to its storage thingy-place. It was glorious. I even moved the fountain.  With a really busy week ahead and a morning flight on Friday to Asia, I expected to need to use today doing other things. But, Saturday was productive enough. Whew. (Oh, and for those who are familiar with the patio — how do you like my new wicker chair?  I got it for $13 a few weeks ago on our neighborhood garage sale day.)

I did not expect the neighbor to bring over 2 slices of fresh homemade strawberry pie this evening. Wow, was that delicious!

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