MacGyver to the rescue

I had a wardrobe malfunction yesterday morning.

We’d taken a break from our meeting and I dashed to the rest room. As I was preparing to leave the stall, I discovered that the side zipper in my slacks had come off its track. Hmm. This did not make sense as these were not the slacks that are a size smaller than I should be wearing — if anything, they are a size larger.

I struggled to fix them to no avail.


Unwilling to abandon the last 90 minutes of the consultation to go home and change, I got ahold of some duck tape and a stapler and FIXED the issue temporarily.

Thanks to a blouse that was long enough to mostly cover the visible tape (and there was a lot of visible tape), I headed back in to join my colleagues just a few minutes late.

Sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do!

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