New and Improved Hubbard’s Cupboard

Hubbard's Cupboard

It seems a bit odd to be writing about the blog updates on the blog itself — but I think this is the best way to inform those who may be interested. Hubbard’s Cupboard has a new look. While the designer in me could enjoy making it look different rather too often, I’ve chosen to not use templates that I have to purchase and not to waste too much time simply dinking around for no reason. My primary objective in this recent change was functionality more than look.

The new home page includes the most recent post on the far left and then a more accessible listing of the 10 prior posts in a small column in the middle. The far right column ( is just that, “about me” for those who are new to the blog.

At the bottom of this and every page you’ll find (from left column to right) my Twitter feed, an Instagram feed powered by Flickr, a list of other bloggers I read with some regularity and that might interest you, the “recent ramblings list” (which is redundant on this front page, but I’ve not settled on a better option for the moment) and a list of comments you and other readers have made on posts.

The tab navigation under the title at the top has changed somewhat — some new nomenclature (I had to use one cool word) or naming and then some new pages under each.

Ministry Partnership explains various ways someone can engage as part of my ministry partnership team in my work with Wycliffe. There are currently two pages (work in progress) under this tab that include thumbnail images of various email ministry updates I’ve sent along with summary statements. The images link to the archived email message.  These pages are password protected. I’ll be sending that password to those to subscribe.

Pray4Me (which used to be called Prayer Ops) is now divided into three sections and they each have a page. I hope this makes it easier for you if you are seeking just one part of the information (like the up-to-date prayer items that are listed chronologically, for instance).

Sonnets hasn’t changed nor have any new tomes been added lately.

Wycliffe simply shares an overview of who/what Wycliffe is and what we do. There is a video and then a link to

If you have any suggestions for how I could make this work better for those of you who visit with some regularity and use the prayer updates, etc. please don’t hesitate to share those in comments or via email. 



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