Shark Week merges with LOLcatz + duck

Shark Cat on Roomba chasing DucklingA cat riding a Roomba is funny.

A cat in a costume is funny.

A cat in a costume riding a Roomba is rather more funny.

Add a duckling begin chased by said cat — and then following it around — and it’s quite hard not to laugh.

It’s obvious that these critters live peacefully together in this home and that they are doing what they do. I know cats well enough to know that if this one did not want to be in that costume, it would not be in that costume.

So, why is this funny?  That is one of the things I’m pondering today. What about this video captures us and moves us to amusement?

I’m late to this party. Honestly, when I first saw this video  making the rounds on Facebook I didn’t watch it. Then my curiosity got the best of me and it became apparent that people were actually interacting with and sharing versions of this video. The version I’m sharing here is longer than the first I watched — in includes a dog who makes an entrance about where the other one ends. It also has an added soundtrack which is quite well done.

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