Mr. Stroup’s birthday letters

Dan Stroup / CBS News

Hand writing a birthday letter to everyone in your own family would be a cool tradition. Writing the same to all your students would be a mark of a beyond-ordinary teacher. But, writing a birthday letter to every one of your students indefinitely…that’s extraordinary.  

Every time I hear Dan Stroup’s story, I am blessed and challenged. CBS recently aired the story and its now on their website. Either image on this page is a link to the video.

Melissa, Ryan, Amy

It was especially fun watching this version of the story because of the students. Melissa and Amy were both high school yearbook editors in their day. I sponsored the yearbook. I taught all these students, in fact, and delight in seeing them doing well.

For the past 24 hours I’ve loved watching so many of “my” students (who were also Dan’s) sharing the story and adding their own bit to it. Actually, I enjoy stalking—mostly through Facebook—these delightful, thoughtful adults as they build families, communities, churches, businesses, lives.  They make the world a better place in their living. I’ve been watching them and thanking God for all He is doing in and through them!

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