I am “for” flowers

I’ve grown weary of all the declarations and rantings about what people are against. I know that there are things that I must be against in this world, and I pray that I will be faithful in living out Christ in a way that positions me where God can use me to bring justice where there is injustice, light where there is darkness.

But honestly, I think some among us—perhaps with good intention—have gone overboard with the constant listings of all that is to be beaten back. Today I am going to begin a series (that will last however long it does and will be as sporadic as it becomes) of things I am “for.”flowers

I am for flowers.

Flowers are beautiful in myriad ways.

I am for growing flowers in gardens in the yard and pots on the windowsill.

I am for picking wildflowers (where such activity is permitted) and putting them in bottles and jugs in the middle of the table. Or on my desk. Or by the kitchen sink.

I am for paying ridiculous amounts of money to people who will arrange flowers in vases and deliver them to others who live too far away.

I am even for flowers in paintings and printed as a pattern on fabric or wall paper (all though I do prefer to exercise extreme control with the latter most of the time).

My grandmother used to grow almost as many flowers as she grew vegetables. She took home movies of her flowers in all their summer blooming by the bushel glory. I didn’t understand it then. I was young and not so much in need of their beauty because my world was smaller and newish and clean.

Flowers are expressions of grace and joy. I am definitely for flowers!

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