Ding Dong! *whoosh* Happy May Day!


I remember making May Baskets. I remember placing them on the neighbor’s doormat or doorknob, ringing the doorbell and running. That dash to hide behind a nearby bush was a best/worst part. When did we stop doing that, I wonder?


When I remembered that today was May Day, I started imaging a world where we do these kinds of things more often instead of less. A world with May Poles and dancing just because Spring has returned as it always does. I’m guessing that could be more of a challenge for my friends who are in placed where snow is in the forecast again, or where the seasons only change between hot and hot & wet, or where the season that is coming over the horizon is Fall. But the point isn’t really the Spring-ness of it all. It is that we take the time to see, to be thankful, to celebrate and to do it together.

OccupyMayDayTreeOf course when I Googled “May Day” images I was reminded that for many this is a day to demand rights and condemn the bad behavior of those who have power. At least that’s what the posters and protests make it look like. This May Day is the International Workers’ Day and celebrates Labor.

Imagine my delighted surprise when I came off the elevator on the third floor this morning and saw flowers by the office door. Imagine how that was heightened when I saw my name on the card!  As I said on Facebook right away:

“This morning I realized that today is May Day. I started a blog about it, but didn’t have time to finish. When I arrived at the door of our offices on the 3rd floor, I found this bunch of flowers by the front door with my name on them. Apparently the combination of my friend’s kind generosity, my blog about being “for” flowers, and the May Day date found an expression in these beautiful blooms. THANK YOU!!!

No, this does not mean I’ll be blogging about being “for” $20 bills in the near future. Just wanted to be clear about that.”

I guess not everyone has given up on flowers and surprises on the first of May. I think I need to get back on this bandwagon and spread the bloomin’ love!

Photo on 5-1-13 at 8.10 AM

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