I am “for” gratitude

8697622429_bc639a1245_zAnn Voskamp’s 1,000 Gifts is a mind-altering read. I am probably due for a second go at the book, actually. I kind of think that learning to be grateful is not something I’ll ever do with the reading of a single book. I need the learning pretty much every time I turn around to reach for the remote control.

Gratitude is equally (for me, at least) about obedience and worldview.  The feeling part of it is negotiable, but usually comes after a pattern is established into a habit.

I signed up to have Voskamp’s blogs emailed to my inbox. I don’t subscribe to most of the blogs I “follow” but, this one—I need the extra nudge. Today’s blog included the MAY list for GIFT Counting. I have the app, am not enough in the habit to rely on that for a photo journal yet. That might surprise you.

Instead, I will write the list in the blog. Today I will do day one. I may or may not post the blogs every day. We’ll see.

I am, after all, “for” gratitude.


  • T.C.’s homemade York Peppermint Patty Ice Cream (also grateful for the invitation via text so I wouldn’t miss this one)
  • Fresh carrots, yellow squash, zucchini and onions steamed to perfection
  • Cajun bacon wrapped scallops (which I had on Sunday evening, but am still thinking about)

2 thoughts on “I am “for” gratitude

  1. mrb782012 says:

    So much is habit! (I do think being able to see the half cup full &, I guess, not deny the 1/2 cup empty, is true victorious Christian living &/or a gift from God)!!

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