Ups and downs. Literally.

1136f0f4-0e10-4bff-a681-8bd6c362205f_300After church we ran a couple of errands (IKEA, mostly) and grabbed lunch (Greens & Grille for some great salads). When we got home I changed and headed out to the patio to read with my ears (audio book) and soak up some sunshine. After a long chapter, I turned on tunes and intended to nap.

Then I started to see things.

Before I knew it I had the 8 ft. ladder from the garage along with a small assortment of tools and I was doing stuff. That stuff led to other stuff. ¬†And then even more stuff. My best estimate puts me up and down the ladder two dozen times. I’ll feel that tomorrow.

What a gorgeous day to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine!

Now, where are those Advil?

2 thoughts on “Ups and downs. Literally.

  1. mrb782012 says:

    And that is the sort of flow that I can’t make myself do, but it is such a gift when it happens (& makes me wonder why something that “shouldn’t” be that big of a deal seems either impossible or incredibly easy)! YEAH!!

  2. Andy says:

    I was at my daughter’s house last weekend and had almost the exact experience. I saw one thing that just needed a ‘little help’, that lead to another and then another. Six hours later I had to stop due to total lack of energy (used up all that I had) and darkness. Good thing the next day I spend all day driving back home because the old bod wasn’t doing much of anything else.

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