Adventure Racing for a Cause


A few weeks ago I had a hallway conversation with a guy who owns sporting goods stores and who loves Wycliffe. We rabbit-trailed all over the place and I eventually had the chance to tell him about Wycliffe’s RACE to 2025. In enthusiastic response he told me about a trend in adventure racing that is out there buzzing all over the place. I was thrilled to hear how Wycliffe’s cool opportunity is also clearly on target for the primary audience. Wooo hoooo! Go team.

Wycliffe USA and Wycliffe Canada have partnered to offer a number of adventure race opportunities this year. The simple version is that teams of four compete over the course of a weekend in a variety of physical and mental challenges. With their registration, they agree to try to raise money for a specific project—that is a collaborative venture for all the teams in the competition. Over the course of the weekend, they compete for prizes and learn about Bible translation and build an Instagram feed full of memories to hold and stories to share.

And that bit about Ruth sponsoring you?  If you pull together a team and it was this blog post that motivated you to it, I’m in.

This is a promo video Wycliffe Canada did last year with the funds raised going to a cluster of nine languages in Cameroon.

3 thoughts on “Adventure Racing for a Cause

  1. Kate Eden King says:

    …and when they’re done with the adventure racing, we have the real life adventure assignments over here in Papua New Guinea. We need desperately people who are up for canoeing, hiking and roughing it in the swamps and rainforest of Gulf Province to work with an exciting multi-language Bible translation and literacy project there. Armchair adventurers need not apply! Please find these people and send them our way Ruth 🙂

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Praying that we do just that, Kate! So much of Wycliffe’s motivation behind this venture is to capture people’s attention for long enough that they can see the possibilities.

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