A Day to Celebrate Mothers!

Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate people’s desire to be sensitive. I just want to say clearly that I’m really good with Mother’s Day.

Some think that Mother’s Day might be a challenge for me because I have never been a mother myself and they’re sure I’m aching about that. Truth is I did my mourning of the loss of that dream many many years ago and am now fully at peace with what has been God’s perfect plan for me.  By His generous grace, he put exactly the right people and their beautiful babies into my life at just the right time when I needed to feel the grieving without getting lost in the hopeless of it. Ahhh, He is good.

And yes, I know that my mother died and that missing her could make this day hard for me—losing a mom to physical death could reasonably do that.

The thing is, I don’t miss my mom any more on Mother’s Day than any other Sunday. I just miss her. And,well, Mother’s Day does not uniquely remind me of her.

There are things that do remind me of her, but I’d not want anyone to stop these things. The memories are good and, even when they bring a bit of the pain that comes from missing, they bring even more of the joy that comes from loving.

Spitting watermelon seeds reminds me of my mom.

Getting a speeding ticket on I-80 somewhere in Nebraska reminds me of my mom. Or it would.

dial-soap“Spit and slide under” reminds me of my mom.

Dansk dishes remind me of my mom. And Lladro figurines. And P.Buckley Moss prints.

The gold-colored Dial soap reminds me of my mom.

Now that I’m the age my mom was when I was in college, the way my hands look remind me of my mom.

Ice Cream FlavorsIce cream reminds me of my mom. All of it. Every time.

I love Mother’s Day. I love that we still take time to celebrate the extraordinary role Mothers play in the lives of children. My dear friends who are moms—through birth, through marriage, through adoption, through whatever means—I pray that you will grow more and more in your understanding of God’s love for you as you grow in your love for the children He’s entrusted to your care.

And for those whose wounds are not yet healed and for whom this day is a challenge, oh that God’s peace will fill you up beyond reason!  If I suffer at all on this day of celebration it is for you whose wombs still ache or whose hearts are broken by children who are lost in rebellion or who cannot yet find the joy that is beyond the pain of other loss. God does not leave you alone in your grief. He named His own Son Immanuel as a reminder of His eternal presence. I pray that you will know Him more and more as the One who is with you to bring hope and healing.

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