Lamb in need of a Rescuer

Many things lure us toward the ocean. It’s beauty alone is reason to draw near and gawk. But let’s not for a moment forget that the ocean is powerful and dangerous. While many have learned how to survive the ocean’s threats, that in no way diminishes the ocean’s threat, especially for the ignorant and unprepared. Yet year after year, the unprepared wander in too deep, swim out too far, dive down too deep.

Sin is like that. There is sin that lures us with beauty and mystery. Sin that feels as unthreatening as gentle waves lapping about our toes on a sunny seaside walk. Sin that builds our confidence to take one step further. Sin that promises something it can never deliver, but it promises with such conviction that we begin to believe.


I’m pretty sure that this little lamb had no intent of getting herself in a place where she needed saving. But something called her little sheep heart and mind to wander. She and I are a lot alike in that tendency.

Unlike Jesus, these young men did not go in search of a lost sheep. They simply found her. Unlike Jesus these young men did not give up their lives to save the sheep, though they did take a risk. In some ways I’m just as moved by this to be a rescuer as I am to be grateful that I’ve been rescued — and a good story will do that.



When I ran across a few of these images I was curious about the story so I started to search. The few times there was story shared with the images, the story was consistent. One Australian blogger shared it as “Erik and Torvald  were out and about with a mate taking photos with a new camera when Erik saw the lamb struggling in the waves.”  Another source identified these guys as Erik Bjørnøy and Torvald Ask from Norway and then shared what I can only guess was a Google Translate rendering of the story from some Norwegian source which I could never find.I cannot tell you with any journalistic confidence that this information is accurate–only that all the bits of info I found were consistent.

The point of sharing this is not so much to share news of an event that appears to have occurred in June of 2012, but to use these images as a reminder of a few things. At least they were a reminder to me when I first laid eyes on them earlier today. 

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