STOP trying to fix it and just listen!

Okay, if you watch this and think the message is a simple one, watch again. And maybe again.

Yes, I get that one of the messages is that some people (and probably it is more typical of women) miss the obvious reality that they need something fixed because they are so stuck on the idea that they don’t want to be fixed but rather heard. True, that. No argument…except…

screenshotWell, could it be possible that listening actually is more helpful in the long haul than the fix?

Honestly, from my position of bias (as a woman), I think the point is that everyone—irregardless of gender or personality type or any other differentiator—has to realize that everyone (self included) is often balancing (well or not so well) both the needs they feel/perceive and the needs they do not but may also actually truly need.

And our perceptions and priorities don’t align naturally. Almost ever.

For instance, my need to fix people’s obvious-to-me misunderstanding of how social media should be used is not likely equal with people’s desire to be corrected and directed. I know—it is shocking that I am as aware as I am of my own control issues.

Anyhow, I found this little video both amusing and though-provoking. Viewed with others, I would anticipate it would be a good conversation-starter. Shared in this manner (via a blog that will be shared on Facebook) it may garner a few “Likes” along the way. Not exactly as satisfying as a conversation.

Because at the end of the day, it really is not about the nail.

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