A dog and a soldier

soldier and dog


Dog people know that one of the most extraordinary things about beloved pets is their ability to see past stuff that others can’t and yet to see things that others miss. And maybe we love those canine companions so much that we seriously muddle with our interpretations of their actions and expressions. Maybe.

I’m a huge fan of dogs as pets for kids, but would say that they are particularly important for some kids. And not just kids, either. Many of us benefit from  the simple daily exchange of being greeted with a ridiculous enthusiasm in exchange for simply walking through the door after being gone for 9 hours or 9 minutes.

I can only imagine the benefit that some soldiers and law-enforcement officers get from being accompanied by some sort of special, trained canine. Yes, these are working dogs, for sure. But they are more. They don’t hold grudges (probably why there aren’t many felines in the business).

Can you remember a time when a dog—your own or someone else’s perhaps—helped you re-establish balance or perspective?

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