Forts and Coloring



Sometimes we all need some coloring therapy. Sometimes we all need an escape place that is cozy and close enough to home that we don’t get lost.

I don’t feel this way today, but I’ve had my share of days when I looked longingly back to the good old days of my carefree childhood. I sure did like coloring and I loved forts. I was a great babysitter later in life because I still loved forts. And coloring.

Most of the time I’m quite happy with being an adult, actually. Maybe more so as I’ve grown to understand that building forts (or their equivalent) and coloring (or it’s equivalent) is not just for kids. My most recent fort-building involves the hammock I got in El Salvador. My most recent coloring involves a doodling revival.

What are your favorite escapes?



4 thoughts on “Forts and Coloring

  1. Maren Breitwieser says:

    P.S. Today I rode my bicycle through a back road near Clifty Falls & came across a woman, maybe late 60s, who was riding a horse. We stopped at the same spot (she was on more of a path with her horse) & chatted a few minutes. Turns out she was using portable oxygen & had been discharged from the hospital last week. I think she’d tell you horseback riding is a favorite escape for her (& she said she was hoping she could get back with riding with her “regulars-people she rides with” by next week)!

  2. Helen G. says:

    Some scrapbooking, making cards and digital scrapbooking are my favorite personal escape. As a family, we love to go camping or walking in the woods as our relaxing escape from the busyness.

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