The Good Dad App

I’ve been noticing a lot of men taking fatherhood seriously while not taking themselves so seriously that they turn it all into a pressure-cooker competition to be the best in the eyes of their peers. I applaud. Loudly. I’ll even stand to do so and add some whistling.

Maybe you need a reminder of the goodness of dad-hood? Watch this:

My friend Adam is looking for input from other dads who, like himself, are looking for some help in a form that is accessible. He has recently announced his intent to create a Dad app. The idea of The Good Dad App is not to make a bad dad into a good one, but rather to help a good dad be, well, good.

screenshotI snagged a screen shot from The Good Dad App page and then linked it to the page so you can go there and watch Adam’s video and sign up if you’re interested in being a part of this venture. He’s looking for (mostly) dads with good ideas for things to do with their kids that are fun, meaningful, healthy, fun, courage-building, character-building, fun…

I’m pretty sure that he’s not be against input from women since that would run contrary to who Adam is, but I also applaud that this will mostly be by dads and for dads.

Anyhow, if you are or know a dad who has some good ideas about investing time with your kids and would be up for being a part of sharing your best with others to make more dads better, please sign up and let’s get this thing done!

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