13 of this season’s #1000

RocksDo you see it?

Is it as obvious to you as it is to me—the complete sanity and sense behind this need I have to find and collect, to gather and display bits and pieces of God’s workmanship?  Rocks are highest on my list, closely followed by drift wood, shells, cones, and nuts or seeds.

I’ve carried rocks from just about anywhere I’ve been back home again—except for the ones confiscated by various versions of airport security. And others have carried rocks on my behalf. And some have even paid the US government to transport the rocks for them to me.

These rocks arrived via USPS today at the office. A friend and colleague (Dorothea) who lives in Oregon found them along a riverbank and knew I’d love them. Generosity mails rock across the country.

Sometimes someone will ask questions in their own attempt to understand my stone-focused passion. “Is it the color?” Yes. “Is it the texture?” Uh huh. “So, it’s not the shape so much, then?” No, it is the shape. And weight.


I love that God created extraordinary and extreme diversity. It is reflected in rocks. And wood and shells.

It is reflected in other things too — some of which I have no intention of collecting. I have no intention of collecting the vast diversity of beetle, for instance. 350,000-400,000 types of those little critters. Still, it’s amazing.




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