It’s called re-branding

Non Sequitur by Wiley

What you think about someone, somewhere, or something has a very real impact on how you continue to experience that person, place or thing.

If I believe you are kind and generous, I will interpret your actions and words through those lenses—some neutral behavior might be experienced by me as genuinely kind, for instance.

This is one aspect of “brand management” that is particularly challenging to, well, manage. A re-painted sign might be enough to alter expectations, but when the experience is dramatically different from advertised, the altered perspective will likely do more than go back to what it had been before the re-brand attempt.

I could wear a t-shirt every day that boldly proclaims “I am a morning person” but very few people would believe it. Some would laugh the first time they read those words on my back, knowing the truth from experience. Others might think it true for a while, but they’d eventually realize that I was wearing someone else’s shirt. Or that I am a liar.

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