App-niversary Madness, I say!


In some cultures, the person being celebrated (birthday, anniversary) receives gifts while in others the honored person gives them. Kudos to Apple for giving away some great apps in celebration of the App Store’s 5th Anniversary.  If you are ann App Geek, now is the time to get your download on. The Verge apparently broke the story and now it’s all over the internet, so you probably know by now. That would explain why downloading is taking a while this morning.

At the moment, there are five apps and five games available.


And while this app give-away is great fun, let me encourage you to also view the Milestones highlighting various App Store points of celebration. I was surprised at how many of these I’d been a part of in a very small miniscule way. I giggled when I saw the images from the first Facebook App. It was like being in an antique store and seeing the lunchbox I carried to first grade. Except this was an App and it was only a few years ago.

So, I guess all I have left to say (since I can’t give you any reviews of the apps I’ve downloaded yet) is hAPPy downloading!

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