Imagine my delight!!

I’ve said this before and I’m going to quote myself word-for-word, cut-and-paste: “I’m blessed beyond measure whenever I see any of “my” students (now all of them adults) walking in righteousness. Sometimes — when I forget that I’m not actually God’s favorite — I think He let Mark whats-his-name invent Facebook just for me so I can have a window into the lives of people I might otherwise never see since we live hundreds and thousands of miles apart.

Imagine my delight when I got one of those out-of-the-blue emails from Josh reintroducing himself to me since, as a student from 11 years ago, I might not remember him.I laughed about that part. I remembered. Well.


The exchange that started with emails eventually included a phone call and then a face-to-face conversation when Josh and his crew were in the central Florida neighborhood on vacation.

I’m thrilled beyond measure to have been given a front row seat from which to watch God work in Josh and Susan (his wife who I’ve only met via email and who I adore already) and their children, moving them toward a pretty amazing place of faith-rope-walking. The summer of 2013 for them is a bit like the summer of 2001 was for me — a beginning of a great adventure.

The Heidelmans are brand new Wycliffe missionaries!


This screen capture to the left is of the page on through which Josh and Susan invite people to join their team — to partner with them in the new ministry adventure they are beginning with Wycliffe. If you click on the image, it is linked to that page and you could go on from there to CLICK TO PRAY OR GIVE>>. I encourage you to do that. Join their team!

Maybe you’re not in a place to take on another regular financial commitment now. Fine. give a one time gift, start praying, sign up to hear from them regularly, and then ask God what He would have you do next. If God intends for you to share the resources He’s given you, He’ll make that clear. He will.


If you click on the larger photo above it will take you to their blog on WordPress. When you get there, find the July post and, even if you don’t read the whole thing, scroll down to the section titled THE FINAL STORY.  One of my personal ministry highlights of this past year was hearing the story they share there soon after the conversation had happened and before their final decision had been made RE: Wycliffe.


I can’t wait to see what God has for them next! I also can’t wait to see what God has in store for Wycliffe through them. I love this!

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