Target End-Cap Encounter

Blokus To GoSunday I ran into Target on my way home from church with a short list and a few coupons in hand. As I swung down the back-side of toys (not my usual route, honestly) I saw the travel version of Blokus on a CLEARANCE end-cap. My hand instinctively snagged a box to check out the price and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it really was priced for “clearance.”

Another woman who’d been in that same aisle must have felt my excitement and she stepped over and snagged one too. As she started to read the box (not necessary if you’re a Blokus player, I decided) I asked her if she had ever played. She had not.

A fan of the game, I told her that I really enjoyed the game. She proceeded to tell me that it was for her granddaughter who is in the hospital. When I found out her age, I assured her that I thought it would be an excellent choice.

We continued chatting. Well, she did most of the chatting and I did some listening. I learned all sorts of details about a girl I’ll likely never meet who, if all went well, is home again and soon back to school with her Crohn’s back under control.

I’m not one to strike up conversations with strangers. I hardly ever do. I’m convinced, though, that this was an opportunity that God not only brought into my life, but practically tossed me into without my thinking about it. Sometimes He has to do this kind of thing to remind me that I need to get out of my own head and connect with other people more often — that there are not just blessings for me in relationship (even 7 minute conversations at Target) but that God might be wanting to extend His blessing to others through me.

So, when I think to myself that “I’ve gotta get out more” I’m not so much thinking that I need to get out of the house as that I need to get out of my head and connect with other people. Not in a meeting. Just…standing around the end-cap at Target, say.

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