Ring my bell!

LimeFruitBars_snacks[I’m sorry if that title just put an ear-worm in your music memory space.]

Okay, since moving south and discovering it, I’ve become a huge fan of Blue Bell ice cream. I know it doesn’t float everyone’s root beer like it does mine, but I love this stuff. I have a few favorites — including chocolate covered strawberry which is a seasonal offering and which I’ve not had for a few years. Wow. Writing that made me a little sad.

I don’t buy the half gallons often because I usually don’t have the self-control to keep from eating more than I should until the carton is empty. That is just what it is.

In the past few years, though, I’ve discovered Blue Bell Fudge Bars and Blue Bell Lime Fruit bars. There are also peach, strawberry and coconut fruit bars — but only the coconut makes me get that silly grin that dessert should or it’s not worth the calories.  I love these things. When I’m in Orlando, I eat one almost every single day.

0007189962430_500X500This past week Wal-Mart (sorry Publix, but on a few items the Wal-world prices are way better than yours) offered something new in the Blue Bell on a stick category: Dream Bars. They have moved up ahead of the lime fruit bars and just after the fudge bars.

Frozen treats on a stick.

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