One obvious “next” doodle in the flower series might be this. We can call it “I am unworthy!”


I won’t pretend to be able to know your heart and mind, but I know my own and I know that this is often my reaction to my own feeble attempts at, well, all sorts of things. My tendency is to see the imperfections and mistakes and sometimes never get past them. Without a bit of restraint, I would often scribble over the top of most of what I do before I get to the place that I can see the good stuff.

I wrote about this a bit when I wrote about my need for Sharpie markers and doodles that can’t be erased.

So, if my measure of “good enough” is perfection, then I’m screwed. All.of.the.time.

And that is, perhaps, a double edged sword. First, who says that the point of doing anything is for the end product to meet some standard? What if there is goodness in the doing no matter what the done looks like? And second, when did “perfection” ever become my responsibility?  I am not God.



“God is a rock and His works are PERFECT.
ALL His ways are JUSTICE.
A God of TRUTH, without iniquity.
JUST and RIGHT is He.”

Anyone else remember that chorus?

One thought on “SATURDAY

  1. Sheila Brauning says:

    So true…it is the biggest detriment in my business of photography-comparing your work to others and always finding yours lacking instead of being grateful to God for the abilities He’s given to me in the first place. For me, the “delete” button on the camera is the most dangerous of all…making snap judgments without waiting to see what is revealed when the entire shot is revealed once downloaded to the computer.

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