focus is as focus does


I do not know what that means—”focus is as focus does.”  Apparently I’m focus-challenged enough this evening that I’m on a rabbit trail before taking a single step down the self-appointed non-rabbit trail.

So, last week when I was doodling the flowers and then started doodling beyond the “finished” doodling to see what I might see, I wondered if I could eliminate what might be seen as the distraction of the whole and keep only the central character of the doodle: the first flower I drew. Then, understanding that ever story needs a protagonist and an antagonist — or that ever superhero needs a sidekick, if the story happened to go that way — I began to erase the image.

Sometimes that’s exactly what needs to be done to put the proper focus on the most important thing.

I’m not sure that this doodle turned out to be as pleasant to the eye as the original had been, but it sparked me thinking. It got me to wondering what I need to erase from my view so as to eliminate actual distractions and to enable me to more effectively focus on what is important. This is a question I cycle around to with regularity. (Which, when I put it that way has me giggling about this doodling being a kind of mental & emotional fiber that is good for me…in moderation.)

4 thoughts on “focus is as focus does

  1. mrb782012 says:

    Speaking of focus/distractions: YEARS ago, a mom was complaining that her son didn’t see his lunchbox that was “right on the counter” or something to that idea. I asked what else was on the counter & she listed a # of items. I think she “got it”!

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Ah yes, there is also that. I’m often amazed that others can’t see what is so obvious to me — until I see through their eyes (as best as I can) and am shocked that they can even begin to see my point.

  2. Diana Stuhr says:

    Sometimes the distraction is the main thing, maybe? Sometimes what you started with was the distraction, perhaps?? Sometimes the main thing can’t be the main thing without the distraction that makes it whole??? Possibly???

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Oh, I agree with that too. We don’t always know where we are supposed to be focused. Like those video interviews where the person talking is blurry and the distracting background is in sharp focus.

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