The Breath of God


I don’t really care whether or not you hold to a literal 24-hour-day, 6-day creation position or something that interprets those days as seasons or eras but still holds to the fact that God is the Creator. [And for those among my friends who don’t recognize the existence or role of God, I disagree with you and I “care” in that your rejection of God’s existence/place means you’ve rejected His invitation into a place of whole ness that is dependent on Him and therefore are missing out on that contentment and joy, it’s not a prerequisite for our friendship.]

For those who do recognize both the sovereign deity of our Creator God and the difference between His creation of all the universe and His creation of humanity, this statement by Wendell Berry simply reminds us of all that. We are called by the extraordinary but true-for-all fact the God not only formed us but breathe life into us, creating us intentionally–by design and with purpose–to be different than all other living things.

Today I choose to live as one who knows that I am created in the image of my Creator.

If I don’t choose this daily, I start to forget. I start to take on the image or pattern of the world.

One thought on “The Breath of God

  1. Trish says:

    Excellent reminder!! We are to be mirrors, reflecting the God who created us and loves us. Just what I needed to read as I am rushing to get things done. Thanks, Ruth!! And, thank You, Jesus, for the reminder!! Amen.

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