When the extraordinary has been rehearsed, reviewed, and repeated a bazillion times, we lose the ability to see it any more. For two years in a row, a community of Christ-followers in New Zealand have found a way to tell a story often told in a way that has me looking again and wondering again.

When I watched this year’s video titled Unexpected Christmas, I found myself giggling and weeping. Snuggled between the innocent moments of silly delight are glimmers of truth that take my breath away.

If you’ve not seen the one they did last year (and from which they pulled a few scenes for this production), you can find that here.  While you’re there, you’ll find more of their videos if you click on the link to stpaulsartsandmedia.

One thought on “Surprise!

  1. Hubbard says:

    Hey! Glad to run into your website. So great to run into other people who love God. 🙂 I’m a Hubbard too and I named our blog Hubbard’s Cupboard too! Great minds think alike. Thanks for sharing the cute video.

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