Recover or recreate? That is the question.

Sometimes I do (the word I would use here is “stupid” but I am trying to not use the S-word so much, so I’ll go with) mindless things. Today I deleted an important file from my computer.


It represented multiple hours upon hours of work and it must be re-created this week.

I know how it happened. I know what I should have done to prevent it happening. I know what I should have done so that I could more easily recover from such an event. This represents about 5 layers of “my bad” and I am owning it. I messed up rather largely.

urlI am, as I blog on a different device, running a data rescue recovery process in hopes that it will be findable. I will be willing to spend some of my cash money to complete the recovery if that will save me what I imagine could be a couple of l o n g days of work.

Want to pray with me that God will choose to extend abundant grace? Whether the file is recoverable or I simply have the opportunity to re-create and am able to do it joyfully, that will be grace. That will be God and not me.

“Me” would rather throw things and pitch all sorts of fit.

3 thoughts on “Recover or recreate? That is the question.

  1. Diana Stuhr says:

    It’s all about pleasing the One who is in the business of creating and recovering day in and day out. He knows your pain personally. Praying with you.

  2. Deana Ochoa says:

    I did something similar with a paper for my TTT course. I lost it somewhere on my computer, rewrote it, and then found it!!!!!!!!!! It was late and my professor was very understanding. I learned a few things about technology and ended up with two well written papers. I was so frustrated I threw a pity party, cried, and wanted to quit school. I gave myself a pep talk and kept cranking away.

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