EnterMission: missio in the middle

Entermission-PPT-Title-SlideEach week Wycliffe USA staff gather in a room named Tboli (named in honor of a language community in the Philippines) and via our intranet for a time we call EnterMission. It is a time for us to come together for realignment through worship, through shared stories and conversation, and through the Word of God. While EnterMission on Wednesday mornings at 9am is a weekly event, I think of EnterMission as a strategic response to come key opportunities in an organization like ours,  EnterMission is a means by which we stay connected with each other, with the various expressions of our work around the world, with our ministry partners, and with the big picture of what God is doing in the world.

Wycliffe USA’s leadership have joined the leadership from the Wycliffe Global Alliance on a journey to better understand the whole of God’s Mission (and not just the slice we are called to through Bible translation). That understanding is transforming how we think and act in ways that we may not have predicted going into this journey. Once it became clear that this is not simply the ministry flavor of the month, we realized that we must broaden the conversation.

missio-in-the-middleOne of the ways we are doing that is through a 4-session series (one time per month) I’ve called missio in the middle. I’ll occasionally blog about some of the things we are considering in those session or I’ll share content from those session (like a video we watched together) and I wanted you to know why I’m tagging those things with “missio in the middle” and using this graphic you see to the left.

The idea of “missio in the middle” comes from our prayer that God will continue to embed HIS MISSION (missio Dei) at the core of who we are — in our minds and hearts and souls — so that we more and more reflect Him and His mission in all that we do.



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