Hi. I like you. Hi. Hi. Hi.

What is it about these persistent dogs and these generally annoyed cats that I just. have. to. watch?!

If I think about it too long (and it’s too late to stop that train), I realize that I relate to both the dogs who seem to be fully vested in making others (especially the feline others) like them and the cats who are showing no sign of being aware of the existence of the over-enthusiastic dogs. The worst behavior of both (and I define that from a human perspective, which is not fair to the critters and so I apologize) is my own at times. Too much wanting to please. Too arrogant to be pleased. Too needy. Too cranky.

But, while I am all of these things some of the time, this is not my whole story.

And, the real reason I love watching this—even at the beginning when the swatting and hissing in there—is that I have hope that eventually we’ll all just get along. I still believe in happy endings and happily ever after.

Unless I think about it too long, that is.



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