Digital photography and mobile phones that keep getting smarter and smarter have changed the way we do a lot of things.  Given the ability to take photos of ourselves with greater easy and greater success, we started doing it. Given the ability to share those photos of ourselves taken by ourselves with friends and then to infinity and beyond, we started doing that too.

And then analysis began.

And the analysis continues. Brittany posted this question just a few days ago (as you can see by the date).  I love her hashtags.


I could comment and link all afternoon on the topic. I mean, what does it mean that of all the selfies taken in Moscow, 82% were women?

I’m guessing that analysis that is too quick to run up the ladder to a definite and single conclusion will be, as it usually is, rather inaccurate and unhelpful.  I bet it is actually more complex than most of us are imagining. Still, it’s an interesting trend in our time.

Not that this is the only time in all of history that we have taken time to look carefully at ourselves and shared what we saw — only maybe the difference is that far more of us can do it in a way that we are recognizable to our friends. Before it took a skill set that was not quite so common and point and shoot.

SELFIE before smart phones

What are your favorite old school selfies?

…or your favorite pop-culture selfies?

…or your favorite self-selfies?


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